Healthy, Five-Minute Meals in a Bowl

Chef Carol Ritchie has reached a new goal in the Methodist To Life! weight-loss program. She's lost 23 pounds and 6/12 inches from waist and is feeling new dedication and motivation in her weight-loss journey. In this webisode she talks about how she met the food challenges of a family reunion and exercised throughout and she prepares "dinners done" -- five-minute, five-ingredient meal wonders in bowls -- including an Asian stir-fry bowl with brown rice, stir fried veggies, lean beef and low-sodium sauce, a salad with red leaf lettuce, kidney, pinto, and black beans, rotisserie chicken and a light ranch dressing mixed with low-sodium salsa, and an Italian favorite with whole wheat penne pasta, sautéed spinach, and lean Italian turkey. Happy, healthy eating!

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