Looking for a Clinical Job? Do Your Homework.

By Bernadette Trail, Human Resources Business Partner, Methodist Charlton Medical Center

Health care is one of the few industries that has added jobs during the recent economic downturn. In spite of these financial times, people still get sick and baby boomers are still getting older. The bottom line is that health care will continue to be a good source of career opportunities.

As a clinician who may be entering the workforce or ready to make a change, you may be wondering how to get your foot in the door. Here are some tips to improve your search and optimize your chances of getting the offer you want:

1. Create accounts with the top social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Join the professional groups on those sites and participate in the discussions. You can even start a discussion yourself. You’ll be surprised at the feedback you’ll get. This is a great way to get leads and create alliances and connections with other companies.

2. Join professional organizations for your area of specialty such as medical/surgical nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, etc., and attend monthly meetings. Professional organizations provide great networking opportunities.

3 Make sure your credentials are up-to-date. When you have an interview, it’s a good idea to take copies of your credentials with you for prospective employers.

4. Update your resume and expand it. If you have a strong work history, let it speak for itself in your resume. Even if it’s two or three pages, take the time to communicate your accomplishments and experiences. Create a strong cover letter to provide a thorough overview of your skills, interests, strengths, goals, and credentials. If you don’t sell yourself, it’s easy for your resume to get put aside.

5. Do your homework and research potential employers. Learn the vision and mission of the companies you’re researching. Do they align with your values? Are they in a growth mode? Are other employees happy?

After you’ve submitted your application and provided references, the human resources (HR) department may set up an interview with you. How can you stand out among all the other applicants? Here are some tips:

1. Bring your energy and passion to the interview.

2. Dress professionally, in traditional, conservative attire. If you’re coming directly from work and will be wearing scrubs, call in advance and let your interviewer know what to expect.

3. Bring recommendation letters or have them posted on LinkedIn.

4. Know the salary range of the position you’re searching for so you’ll be more comfortable in the interview. To learn more about salaries, go to salary.com and key in the position, state, and title so you can get a good idea of the salary range for the type of job you’re interested in.

5. Be on time. In fact, be early.

6. Do your homework. Learn as much about the position’s requirements before the interview. You need to be able to communicate that you have a clear understanding of the job’s requirements and expectations.

Good candidates for today’s health care workforce have positive attitudes, are flexible, team-oriented, patient-oriented, willing to continuously learn and teach, and most important, willing to serve and care for the patient. If you think you have what it takes, there’s no better place to build your career than in health care.

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