Get on Board with Wellness

By Carrie Camin, Assistant Vice President, Wellness
Methodist Health System

When it comes to keeping fit and staying well, we all know what we need to do. The hard part is knowing how to do it. Moving from, “I can’t” to “I could” to “I can” to “I did” is not an easy journey. My job is to be a wellness champion, to coach and encourage Methodist Health System employees to achieve their optimal level of wellness.

When it comes to wellness, Methodist invests in its employees. In 2009, we established a baseline of employee information utilizing biometric screenings. In 2012, 80 percent of our employees participated in the Know Your Numbers campaign. By engaging in the process, employees qualified for discounts on their health insurance premiums. Nearly half met the highest discount tier for health status, meaning they did not use tobacco, had a body mass index of less than 30, and met two of three measures of overall health for fasting blood glucose, LDL cholesterol, and blood pressure.

Now we’re kicking off the new campaign! We want all employees to participate. This year, we’ll have similar premium discounts for employees, and we’re adding a cash reward for their significant others if they are covered by the Methodist Health Plan. As an added incentive, participants can qualify for a higher premium discount if, through a retest opportunity in March 2013, they have reduced their BMI below 30 and their body weight by 10 percent and are tobacco-free or using a nicotine quit-smoking product. The goal is to reward employees for progressing in their wellness journey. That’s not only talking the talk, but walking the wellness walk as well.

Caring about and for our employees is directly correlated with our ability to provide outstanding care to our patients. We sponsor exciting wellness activities and challenges to help employees meet their personal health goals. As an organization focused on wellness, not sickness, our goal is to be the healthiest health care system in the nation by 2016. That means that every person’s health and well-being counts.

Beginning in September, biometric screenings will be offered at our four hospital
campuses and Corporate Business Office. We are empowering people to take control of their health by offering the resources they need, and then rewarding them for progress and achievements.

Best of all, these resources are easily accessible and free to employees. They can access our health coaches, participate in team and individual competitions, use the Methodist mile route mapped out on every campus, take advantage of the healthy options and nutrition information in our cafeterias, and use the fitness centers at Methodist Dallas Medical Center and Methodist Charlton Medical Center. We even provide a $25 reward to participants who take their Know Your Numbers results to their primary care physician to help bridge the communication and accountability gap.

The better our biometric screening numbers, the lower the hospitalization and health care utilization experienced by our Methodist Health Plan participants. This helps us reduce our overall organizational health care costs, lower our employees’ health care costs and, at the same time, improve our employees’ quality of life.

If you’re ready to start your personal wellness journey in a supportive organization, then it’s time to choose Methodist Health System. Learn more by visiting

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