A Daisy for You?

By Ulondia Lee, RN, MSN
Director of Med-Surg Acute Care
Methodist Mansfield Medical Center

Who doesn’t like daisies? They’re bright, spirit-lifting flowers that are often given to show appreciation and affection. That’s why it’s so appropriate that the DAISY Award has become a public way to thank nurses for their dedication and caring. The award grew out of the grief of one family’s loss and their desire to thank the wonderful nurses who took care of their loved one during his final days. The family started the Daisy Foundation (www.daisyfoundation.org), and the rest is history.

The symbol and the spirit of the award seemed a perfect fit for the Methodist Health System family, so we brought the program to all four of our campuses this past April. From the moment we announced the award, we have received tremendous feedback from patients, families, and physicians regarding the extraordinary work our nurses do. This positive response has validated our hunch that the DAISY Award would fit with our culture by honoring our nurses who make a difference in the lives of our patients.

We feel it is a win-win for Methodist Mansfield Medical Center. Not only do the nominees and the DAISY Award recipient receive well-deserved recognition, the entire concept is reinforcing our positive culture throughout Methodist Health System. You can feel the increased pride throughout the organization, and this is helping to create more satisfied employees.

I’m proud to say that Ronda Higgins, RN, in the med-surg department at Methodist Mansfield, was our first DAISY Award recipient. We think she personifies the spirit of the award. Here’s what her nomination form said:

“… Ronda has a positive attitude and is always smiling and making others laugh. Rhonda delivers care with high integrity. She is our go-to person. We can always count on her to be the best and provide a standard of care that we can look up to. She is very supportive of our needs when she is in charge. She is a leader and promoter of the dedication to nursing that I respect in a nurse.”

If I were a nurse looking for a new career opportunity, I would look for an organization that has a DAISY Award program. The program indicates and promulgates several things:

  • Job satisfaction. To me, this kind of nursing award program indicates that the nurses are engaged and satisfied with their work and their work environment. That translates into happy, long-tenured nurses.
  • A healthy work environment. The nominations may come from fellow nurses, families, patients, and physicians. They speak to how we support each other and foster teamwork throughout Methodist.
  • A self-esteem booster. As nurses, we always try to do the right thing, play fair, and be compassionate. The DAISY Award validates that what I do counts for something.

I think the DAISY Award symbolizes what future nurses desire when looking for a place to develop their career.

  • Support. Work group cohesiveness. Teamwork.
  • Recognition and appreciation for adding value.
  • Opportunity. Recipients are and will be high-performing nurses. An award like this can help open doors to new opportunities in your career.
  • Cutting-edge of best practices. This award is supported by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), which is the accrediting body that designates Magnet hospitals. The award, therefore, tells nurses that they are working in an organization built on best practices, and it helps us align with the Magnet journey.

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