10 Reasons Why Nurses Are Amazing

By Fran Laukaitis, RN, MHA
Chief Nursing Officer, Methodist Charlton Medical Center

I love National Nurses Week. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. This week, at Methodist Health System we’re having a wonderful celebration to honor the extraordinary nurses who are part of the Methodist family. What’s more, we’re kicking off the DAISY Award program to further recognize our nurses (more about that later).

National Nurses Week gives us an opportunity to publicly thank our nurses and let them know that we are proud to be here with them as they make a difference to others every single day. They are a blessing for patients and they are a blessing to me personally as their nurse leader.

Why are nurses so special? Here are the top 10 reasons why nurses are truly amazing.

  1. Selflessness. Nurses give so much of themselves to others every single day.
  1. Flexibility. Our staff works tirelessly to deliver the high-quality care our patients and their families have come to expect from Methodist. With self-scheduling, nurses are usually able to find ways to juggle rewarding careers with the needs of their families.
  1. Passion. Nurses are passionate about what they do, which explains why they work hours others wouldn’t consider working, including evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays. And yet, it can be magical to work in a hospital on Christmas morning with patients who appreciate the sacrifices and the care that nurses give them on that special day — as well as each day of the year.
  1. Compassion. The spirit of caring for others extends beyond nurses’ patients to encompass their co-workers, the organization, and the entire community. They come in early. They stay late. They trade shifts so others can attend important family events. They give, give, give.
  1. Humor. Nurses excel at having a sense of humor that many patients appreciate during difficult times.
  1. Connecting with patients. Caring for patients involves more than caring for their physical well-being. It’s not unusual for nurses to do extraordinary things for patients, like celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, bringing a Christmas gift to a patient who has no family, and many other thoughtful acts that contribute immeasurably to the overall patient experience.
  1. Putting patients first. Our nurses are guided by a simple but crucial principle — do what’s best for the patient.
  1. Sharing. Whether at the beginning of life or at the end, or anywhere in between, nurses are there to share the most important milestones with their patients as well as some of their toughest days. Patients may not realize it, but they impact and shape our lives too. I cherish the memories of so many of my patients from many years ago.
  1. Trust. It’s not lost on our nurses that their profession is one of the most trusted in the United States. Not only is this an honor, it is a responsibility to meet patients’ and families’ expectations every day.
  1. It’s our calling. It is our life’s work. For all of us at Methodist, nursing isn’t just a job, it’s our life, our calling, and we can’t imagine doing anything else.

Earlier I mentioned the DAISY Award. We are proud to launch this special nursing recognition at Methodist during National Nurses Week. Nominations will be accepted throughout the year, and an honoree will be selected from each Methodist hospital four times per year. The DAISY Award grew out of the grief of one family’s loss and their desire to thank the wonderful nurses who took care of their loved one during his final days. You can read more about this award at www.daisyfoundation.org.

If you’re looking for an amazing place to be a nurse, then it’s time to choose Methodist. Learn more by visiting Jobs.MethodistHealthSystem.org.

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