Angela Wrighten is Methodist Health: Embracing Change

By Angela Wrighten, RN

Angela is a staff nurse in Outpatient Chemotherapy at Methodist Richardson Medical Center. Over the last few years, Angela has gotten away from the healthy person she used to be. She’s on the right path now. She has changed her eating and exercise habits, and is enjoying her favorite activities again.

 1. Congratulations on reaching month four of I am Methodist Health. We want specifics this month. What can you do now that you couldn’t do three months ago?  

This has been an exciting month for me! I now get up at 4:45 a.m. every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and do a boot camp class. Three months ago you couldn’t drag me out of bed that early. Also, squats and push-ups are now my friends.

2.  What is the most important aspect of your program that keeps you on track? Why and how does it affect your progress?

Working out keeps me on track. The training sessions with Ginnie really help to condition my body and remind me of how good I feel when I work out.

3. Give me three specific tips of what you’re doing to make better food choices or to increase or maintain your exercise activity?  

1.  I replace chips and sweets with raw vegetables, such as cucumbers and carrots, and fruit.

2.  I restrict sodas and sugary drinks.

3.  I joined boot camp on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:30 a.m. I chose an early morning time because I am least likely to work out after a long day at work.

4.  If your co-workers want to get started on their wellness programs, what should they do? Whom do they call? Where do they start?

If my co-workers wanted to get started, I would have them contact Karen Taylor and let her guide them on their journey.          

In March, my biggest sense of accomplishment came when I joined a local boot camp, which starts my day with exercise.