Jason Martin is Methodist Health: Making progress.

By Jason Martin

Jason is an environmental specialist at Methodist Dallas Medical Center. He and his wife are eagerly awaiting the birth of their baby. What a great incentive to lose weight, get healthier, and be ready to welcome a new life into the world.

1. Congratulations on reaching month three of I am Methodist Health. What has been your biggest hurdle to overcome?

My biggest hurdle to overcome is sweet temptations. My wife is pregnant and she likes to eat sweets, so our house has a few not-so-healthy choices.

2. What Methodist resources are you using to help you make these changes?

I am working out regularly at the Folsom Fitness and Rehabilitation Center at Methodist Dallas. Also, I have weekly meetings with Karen Taylor.

3. What progress have you made this month?

My blood pressure has gone down considerably.

4. What advice do you give your co-workers to help motivate them to make healthy lifestyle changes?

My goal is not to tell them but to show them. I bring healthy food choices to work and they are seeing my results.

In February, my biggest sense of accomplishment came when the doctor said I didn’t have to come back every month because I was doing so well. My blood pressure has gone from 220/136 to 140/80. Wow!