Jodi Palmer is Methodist Health: Embracing Change

By Jodi Palmer

Jodi is a patient care technician at Methodist Charlton Medical Center. Her goal is to get in shape so she can live longer and look good.

1. Congratulations on reaching month four of I am Methodist Health. We want specifics this month. What can you do now that you couldn’t do three months ago?

I am able to stay on the elliptical machine for an hour without extreme exhaustion. And I can maintain a healthy diet.

2. What is the most important aspect of your program that keeps you on track? Why and how does it affect your progress?

My fitness coach, Jules, and health coach, Beth, keep me on track. They are awesome about motivating me and giving me ideas to stay on track. Jules and Beth are definitely a vital part of my encouragement.

3. Give me three specific things that you’re doing to make better food choices or to increase or maintain your exercise activity?

  1. I keep a food journal.
  2. I make sure to work out three days a week with high-impact cardio and free weights.
  3. If I have time to work out more than three days a week, I do so after I get off work.

4. If your co-workers want to get started on their own wellness program, what should they do? Whom do they call? Where do they start?

First, keep track of what you eat. Second, join a gym or just have fun doing some active things to get your metabolism going. Take advantage of what your place of employment may have to offer. Methodist Charlton has a wonderful gym and aerobics classes of all kinds. Just ask for Jules, and she’ll help you get started with your workout plan. Our health coach, Beth, will help keep you on track. What a great team!

In March, my biggest sense of accomplishment came when I was able to fit into some of my old clothes. It felt wonderful.