Kathy Clinton is Methodist Health: Embracing Change

By Kathy Clinton

Kathy is a massage therapist in Physical Medicine at Methodist Richardson Medical Center. After realizing that she was out of shape, Kathy’s goal was to run a 5K with her son. In February, she did just that. Way to
go, Kathy!

1. Congratulations on reaching month four of I am Methodist Health. We want specifics this month. What can you do now that you couldn’t do three months ago?

I can say “no” to junk food! I make better choices when grocery shopping, and I know what a true portion size is. I’ve learned how to distribute the calories I need to eat throughout the day rather than consume them in one meal.

2. What is the most important aspect of your program that keeps you on track? Why and how does it affect your progress?

It’s all about the labels — knowing what I’m eating and trying to stay away from those hidden calories. Being able to recognize a serving size and stick to my guidelines has helped change the way I eat and continue my progress. Before this program, I never ate breakfast. Now, a 300-calorie breakfast every morning sets up my day so when I get home at night, I’m not binge eating and going to bed on a full stomach.

3. Give me three specific things that you’re doing to make better food choices or to increase or maintain your exercise activity.

1. I’m buying more fresh greens and fish and not eating out as much. Plus I package my food by serving size before placing in the freezer or refrigerator.

2. I park away from the entrance to buildings so I have further to walk. And I use the stairs instead of the elevators.

3. I’ve scheduled and paid for my next four 5K runs!

4. If your co-workers want to get started on their own wellness program, what should they do? Whom do they call? Where do they start?

I think the first thing to do is set a goal. My goal was to complete a 5K. They can call one of the health coaches, such as Karen Taylor, or one of our trainers, like Ginnie (Methodist’s own Jillian), for help setting started. If they’re asking these questions, then they have already started the journey toward success. I would cheer anybody on or be by their side to help. I thank those who worked with me, encouraged me to achieve my goals, and helped me through those days when I was struggling.

In March, my biggest sense of accomplishment came when I finished my second 5K!