Jason Martin is Methodist Health: Gaining momentum.

By Jason Martin

Jason is an environmental specialist at Methodist Dallas Medical Center. He and his wife are eagerly awaiting the birth of their baby. What a great incentive to lose weight, get healthier, and be ready to welcome a new life into the world.

1. You’re in your second month of I am Methodist Health. Congratulations! In general, how’s it going?

I am in my second month and it’s going great. I feel a lot more confident, and I’d like to thank my fans for their support!

2. What change or changes have you been able to make? Do you like the changes you’ve made?

The changes I have made include making better choices at the grocery store and at restaurants. My health coach has taught me how to read nutrition labels so I can determine better foods to buy and what to put back on the shelf. I’m loving the changes!

3. Do you have any progress updates you’d like to share with your fans?

Since we have started the program, I have lost a total of 30 pounds. Woo-hoo!

4. What’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned the first month?

The biggest lesson I learned last month was that I can’t lose weight by just eating right or just exercising. I need both, and they go hand in hand.

I knew I was really making progress when I put on a shirt that used to be tight — but now it’s loose — and I have a TON of energy!