Sharina Arceneaux is Methodist Health: Gaining momentum.

By Sharina Arceneaux

Sharina is an education specialist in Nursing Administration at Methodist Dallas Medical Center. Because Sharina has a family history of heart disease, she’s ready to take on the challenge of living a heart-healthy lifestyle.

1. You’re in your second month of I am Methodist Health. Congratulations! In general, how’s it going?

I am doing GREAT! I have more energy than before, and I am motivated to go to the gym as often as possible.

2. What change or changes have you been able to make? Do you like the changes you are making?

I have increased my activity time tremendously. I’ve also become very conscious of everything I eat. The changes have been great. I have more energy from working out, and my dietary changes allow me to continue to eat things I enjoy with only mild modifications.

3. Do you have any progress updates you’d like to share with your fans?

I have noticed a definite change in the way my clothes fit, and each week the number on the scale makes me smile.

4. What’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned the first month?

I have learned that change can be a great thing. My daily schedule has changed. I now choose the gym over the television, and carrot sticks over French fries; however, these are minor adjustments that are leading to major changes in my overall health.

In January, I felt like I was really starting to make progress when I actually enjoyed going to the gym for my training sessions. I once considered myself to be very lazy, but now I feel like I am a very active person.

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