The Secret to Weight-Loss Success: You have to do the work.

By Karen Taylor, Employee Health Coach

1. What is the most popular problem or topic people come to you with regarding their health?

Weight loss is definitely the most common topic when people first meet with me — but that is really just the beginning. They soon realize that their diet, physical activity, and health habits all play a role in their weight-loss goal and even health conditions they
may have.

2. What resources does the Live Well, Shine Bright wellness program offer to help people make changes to improve their health?

We offer a variety of programs such as health coaching; free annual health screenings; team and individual challenges for activity, weight management, and financial health; group behavior management series; as well as on-site fitness facilities and area gym discounts. Additionally, Methodist Health System offers a healthy work environment with on-site walking paths and healthy eating options in our cafes. Employees can serve on wellness committees at each location to provide regular feedback and support our efforts to be healthy.

3. What specifically do you offer for losing weight?

We offer the Methodist Weight Management Institute as well as free and confidential on-site health coaching. Coaching addresses each person’s unique needs and assists in making incremental changes that lead to large successes over time.

4. Have you seen a correlation between program participation and success?

Absolutely! Employees who are involved in our programs get regular medical care, stay active, and make healthy food choices. They are more aware of their health status and therefore more proactive in making changes.

Our I am Methodist Health ambassadors have seen great successes already! Together they have lost more than 85 pounds in six weeks. That is an average of 3.5% of their combined starting weight. The key to their success is simple: They track their food, choose healthier options, stick to a calorie goal, and become physically active. They put in the work and they see the results. I couldn’t be more proud!

5. What is the biggest barrier to success?

Ourselves — we can be our own biggest barrier. We have really smart and savvy employees, but they can get in the way of their success. Accepting that they must commit to different habits for the long haul is hard. Even with all the tools and knowledge at their disposal, ultimately they have to do the work and embrace a different way of living to meet their goals and keep them.

6. What is the biggest driver for success?

I think support from co-workers, family, and friends is huge, as well as really wanting to not only change how we look, but how we feel. We all want to enjoy our later years with those we love. We have to maintain good health for that to happen.

7. What is the best way to start when you don’t know where to start?

Taking small steps and setting achievable goals are the two best things you can do. By setting an appointment with your health coach, not only do you have someone to help you figure out which goals to start with, but you also have accountability to meet them. The key is staying with it. If you work hard and stay committed, you will obtain those goals — but only you can make it happen!