Jodi Palmer is Methodist Health: Just getting started.

by Jodi Palmer

Jodi is a Patient Care Technician at Methodist Charlton Medical Center. Her goal is to get in shape so she can live longer and look good.

 1.   How are you feeling now? Why do you want to become healthier?

I am feeling super excited about this journey I am about to take part in with Methodist Health System. This means a healthier me for 2013! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!

2.   What are your goals to become healthier?

I have every intention of giving it my all and doing my best. I want to make eating healthy and living right my daily lifestyle.

3.   What do you need from your co-workers, team members, friends, and family to help you achieve your goals?

I would love to receive plenty of support from all of my family and friends, even if that means we all eat like birds. LOL! Relax. I’m just kidding! I really just want them to support my healthy choices and maybe even join me in cutting out desserts and piling on the steamed veggies!

4.   What is the hardest change in lifestyle that you expect to experience?

WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, now it’s serious. Giving up sweets by the handful is going to be the hardest change for me to make. Portion control and holidays don’t mix. HA!

5.   When you reach your wellness goals, it will all be worth it because:

I will realize I had the ability to succeed all along — I just needed the extra support. Plus I will look even better. LOOKING GOOD WHILE LIVING LONGER. Who wouldn't want that? I’m all smiles!