John Sullivan is Methodist Health: Just getting started.

By John P. Sullivan, Director, Environmental Services
Methodist Charlton Medical Center

1. How are you feeling now? Why do you want to become healthier?

I am excited about the opportunity to improve my wellness and to share this experience. My lack of physical conditioning and not eating properly have left me feeling sluggish, less energetic, and tired by the end of each day.

My goal is to have control of my health. I want to regain the conditioning and feeling I had when I was in shape. I have not lost too much control yet, but I feel it is slipping away.

2. What are your goals to become healthier?

I want to complete the workday and have sufficient energy to enjoy my free time. I want to lose weight, improve my cardio conditioning, and improve my biometric measures — body mass index (BMI), glucose, etc. :-)

3. What do you need from your co-workers, team members, friends, and family to help you achieve your goals?

It is always more enjoyable and much easier to approach challenges in a team setting. I hope you will help me by providing support and inspiration. In return, I hope to provide a lift for you.

4. What is the hardest change in lifestyle that you expect to experience?

Adding exercise, training routines, food preparation time, and more to an already- time-compressed life seems overwhelming. I will need guidance and support to be able to integrate the changes in order to be successful in my journey.

I don’t feel I am able to make these changes on my own.

5. When you reach your wellness goals, it will all be worth it because:

I will have taken control of my wellness versus it having control of me. I can then assist others. If I can do it, you will be able to take the same journey!

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