Kathy Clinton is Methodist Health: Just getting started.

By Kathy Clinton Kathy is a massage therapist in Physical Medicine at Methodist Richardson Medical Center. Kathy’s goal is to run a 5K with her son. Get your running shoes on and go, Kathy!  1.   How are you feeling now? Why do you want to become healthier? I often wonder how I got here. As a teenager I would eat like crazy, and my mom would say, “Be careful. This will catch up with you.” “What did she know?” I thought to myself. I knew I did not want to be like her — fat. In August 1998 — one of the hottest summers in New York — we had more than two weeks of 100-degree temperatures. I was bigger than a house and miserable. On a Thursday night, I gave birth to a 9-pound, 6-ounce baby boy. I weighed 200 pounds at that point, and have yet to lose the baby weight 14 years later.    2. What are your goals to become healthier? In 2012, I built a home for the two of us. This experience helped me to reassess and begin a new journey to find myself by age 50 (that is so hard to say). Who knows what can happen!  3.   What do you need from your co-workers, team members, friends, and family to help you achieve your goals? Keep it honest, supportive, and let me share small accomplishments with someone who can appreciate and understand what I am going through. I’d also like to exchange favorite healthy recipes and tips. I like to play in the kitchen, so I am up for most anything.  4.   What is the hardest change in lifestyle that you expect to experience?  I am addicted to carbs, and I have to find creative ways to get around this. Also, it will be tough to eat the right amount of fruit and vegetables each day. 5. When you reach your wellness goals, it will all be worth it because: I will have made my son proud of me. My son is my biggest inspiration for doing this. G, my nickname for my son, said he wanted to be an Olympian. Now, seven years later, he runs long distance and has qualified for Junior Olympics multiple times. G keeps asking me to run a 5K with him. I am stopping all excuses, removing all obstacles, and challenging myself to run a 5K. I’ll become healthier and hope to lose some weight along the way.
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