Sarah Reynolds is Methodist Health: Just getting started.

By Sarah Reynolds, CMOM

Office Manager, MedHealth

1. How are you feeling now? Why do you want to become healthier?

I am excited to have been selected to participate in I am Methodist Health, but I'll admit I'm nervous! I want to succeed very badly during this journey. I want to become healthier so that I can lead my family by example. My husband and I both are ex-smokers, and we both put on the pounds when we quit! He had some major health issues last year that were very stressful, so I turned to snacking for my comfort and stress relief. My children are my other reason I want to become healthier. I want to re-teach them their eating and activity habits. I am nervous because I know I'm in the spotlight and this is also a part of my work, so I have to succeed!

2. What are your goals to become healthier?

I would like to get into a workout routine. Who am I kidding? Any activity for me is a workout routine. Ha-ha! I am a process- and schedule-oriented person. If I know I need to do "X" by a certain time, then I stick to a routine to accomplish that. I'd like to get my kids and husband involved in working out with me. I used to love running in high school. Hopefully I can get some of that excitement back and get busy working out. I want to teach my kids to eat healthy and to want to be healthy because it's what's best for them! I want to run and play with my kids without getting out of breath.

3. What do you need from your co-workers, team members, friends, and family to help you achieve your goals?

I'm a private person. I haven't shared this goal with many of my team or family members. Why haven’t I? Fear. What if I don't succeed? I know my husband and kids will support me. I want my team to become more active and healthier too! Our office has already discussed working together to coordinate healthier lunches. Even if my team doesn't want to participate, at least I can lead by example and show them that positive actions create positive results!

4. What is the hardest change in lifestyle that you expect to experience?

The hardest change in my lifestyle that I expect is going to be working out. I have to set aside time for ME to do this. I also suspect my children and husband will grumble and be shocked by the new contents of our pantry! I've already begun making small changes to our grocery list each week, as I had already committed myself to changing habits at the first of the year regardless of whether I was selected for this program. Teaching old dogs new tricks can be accomplished, but I'm going to have to dig deep for patience and understanding with my family and ask them to do the same for me!

5. When you reach your wellness goals, it will all be worth it because:

I will be able to go shopping for new clothes and treat myself! Since I have been putting on weight in the last year, I hate buying clothes and refuse to buy new clothes. It's rather depressing to continue to see the sizes go up, up, and up. I want to get back into my old clothes! It will also be worth it to see my husband’s transformation on this journey with me! As a mother and wife, it is my responsibility to guide my husband and family all of the time. I've lacked in guiding them toward healthy habits. To see my family change with me and to be able to be “me” again will be so worth it!

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