Award-winning Care from Award-winning Employees

By Jim O’Reilly
Interim Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Methodist Health System

When you think about it, hospitals don’t win awards, people do. At the heart of every honor a hospital receives are its outstanding employees, physicians, and volunteers. When we use the term award winning, we back it up with our people and our services. In the Methodist Health System culture, winning an award is truly a family affair and a reason to celebrate.

Why, you might ask, has Methodist garnered so many awards over the years? It boils down to culture and the priority the organization’s leaders place on achieving and maintaining excellence. We know that our culture nurtures and encourages employee engagement. Engaged employees are committed employees who see their careers not just as jobs, but as their life’s calling to help others deal with illness and injury and recover their health and dignity. In fact, knowing that our employees are highly engaged helps to explain the impressive scores we achieve on quality and patient experience.

Let me briefly review some of the awards Methodist and our employees have received:

  • Named a Best Place to Work by the Dallas Business Journal for the 10th consecutive year, a record for Dallas–Fort Worth health care providers
  • Named as having one of the nation’s most engaged workforces per the 2013 Excellence in Engagement award by The Advisory Board LLC
  • Nine Methodist nurses were named Great 100 Nurses in 2013
  • Fifteen Methodist nurses were named D Magazine Excellence in Nursing finalists
  • Eight Methodist nurses were named Nursing Excellence finalists for the South Region by
  • And the list goes on.

We recognize that these awards are more than bragging rights. They truly mean something and help to substantiate the positive trends we are seeing in the metrics we follow to gauge our performance. Our staff is connecting with our mission and the purposeful work we do. They trust our leaders, and that creates a strong bond and meaningful partnership. The end result is a fierce sense of pride and shared feeling of “job well done.” That’s something you can’t buy — it has to be developed through words and actions.

For Methodist, the bottom line is that our health system is only as good as our people, our caregivers. They are the faces, the hearts, and the souls behind the awards we receive. They are helping us move medicine forward through the noble work they do each and every day.

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