I am Methodist Health: The Results are In! 12 week program January 8 - March 29

By Carrie Camin, Assistant Vice President, Wellness

The I am Methodist Health Live Well, Shine Bright wellness program is a 12-week program that ran from January 8 through March 29, 2013. It included 10 employees who were selected from 75 applicants to be health ambassadors and complete the three-month healthy makeover program.

The goal of the I am Methodist Health program is to build awareness of Methodist’s existing employee wellness offerings and programs through the journeys and successes of the health ambassadors. Employees shared their experiences via weekly blogs, a video, before and after posters, as well as through interaction with colleagues at company-sponsored events.

Methodist offered employees the opportunity to participate in a free, 12-week healthy makeover, valued at $3,000, if selected based on an application. The resources provided to the participants are currently available to all employees and spouses or domestic partners enrolled in the Methodist health plan. The program included personal training sessions, confidential onsite health coaching, weekly weight management group meetings, diabetes management, tobacco cessation support, and a gym membership.

We are excited to share the health improvements achieved by our ambassadors, who together with us all embody Methodist Health. Weekly weigh-ins were conducted by the Wellness team as well as pre- and post-biometric measures (BMI, cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, triglycerides) to track improvements.

Total pounds lost = 141.6
Average percent of body weight lost = 5.9%
Total inches lost = 25
Average improvement in cholesterol = 17.77%
Average improvement in Triglycerides (blood fat) = 35.45%
Average improvement in blood pressure = 19%

Health screenings, weight management, personal coaching, tobacco cessation, nutrition and fitness resources are available to all Methodist employees and their spouses/domestic partners. What’s more, these resources are free with exception of gym memberships and personal training, which are offered at a discount.

Join us. You can be Methodist Healthy too. Live well. Shine bright.

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