Angela Wrighten is Methodist Health: Making progress.

By Angela Wrighten, RN

Angela is a staff nurse in Outpatient Chemotherapy at Methodist Richardson Medical Center. Over the last few years, Angela has gotten away from the healthy person she used to be. She wants to get on the right path, and she’s ready to change her eating and exercise habits for the rest of her life. Angela’s goal is to lose weight so she can return to the activities that she enjoys.

1. Congratulations on reaching month three of I am Methodist Health. What has been your biggest hurdle to overcome?  

My biggest hurdle has been myself. I love sweets, and trying to ignore my cravings has been difficult. Thanks to my health coach, Karen, I am now equipped with some ways to overcome my cravings. Most days I'm successful.

2.  What Methodist resources are you using to help you make these changes?

I am using the new gym at Methodist Richardson. I also have a very knowledgeable and nonjudgmental health coach and fitness trainer who have been outstanding.

3.  What progress have you made this month?

I have learned how to make healthy choices even in the most stressful situations.

4.  What advice do you give your co-workers to help motivate them to make healthy lifestyle changes?  

My advice is to make small changes each week to better your health. When we make gradual changes in our diet and activity level, we don't feel so overwhelmed by the changes and are most likely able to maintain them for life.

In February, my biggest sense of accomplishment came when I realized how much I was eating out and started limiting it to no more than twice a week.