Sarah Reynolds is Methodist Health: Making progress.

By Sarah Reynolds, CMOM

Sarah is an office manager at MedHealth. Her goal is to get physically fit so she can keep up with her children. After turning to snacking for stress relief in the past, she’s ready to adjust her grocery list to include healthier choices, and she’s making working out part of her routine!

1. Congratulations on reaching month three of I am Methodist Health. What has been your biggest hurdle to overcome?  

Stress snacking. I fell off the track a couple of times in February due to a lot of stress, but never really beat myself up about it. I talked with Beth Leermakers, my health coach, and acknowledged that I was stressed. She helped me look for other ways to channel the stress rather than through food. 

I also was challenged because I wasn't going to the gym as often as I wanted because of its location and family obligations. Instead, I joined a gym here in town so I could more easily increase my physical activity. No more excuses. It's made a difference! I am working out more frequently and longer.

2.  What Methodist resources are you using to help you make these changes?

My health coach and I talk often, and she has been so supportive. She really has coached me through this process every step of the way. She helped me focus on accepting that stress happens and then finding better ways to deal with it.

3.  What progress have you made this month?

I have made great progress this month! I’ve lost more pounds. I’m eating better and exercising. I feel like I'm living right! I have more energy and I feel better about myself. Best of all, I’m working to give my family the foundation for healthy habits that will hopefully last the rest of their lives!

4.  What advice do you give your co-workers to help motivate them to make healthy lifestyle changes?           

I encourage my co-workers and staff constantly. Whenever a lunch is brought into our office, I'll put the calories up on our break room whiteboard showing what each portion contains, not to mention the calories for the desserts! It's opened a lot of eyes around here.

In February, my biggest sense of accomplishment came from the accumulation of putting all of these healthy habits together and seeing results. I have dropped some major pounds this month, and I went shopping this weekend for SMALLER clothes! I love working out and going to the gym. I actually RAN instead of walked around our block this weekend! I feel like everything I eat or prepare for my family is an accomplishment because it's better for us.