Sonya Jennings is Methodist Health: Making progress.

By Sonya Jennings

Sonya is an administrative assistant in Surgery and Recovery at Methodist Mansfield Medical Center. After caring for a family of five, Sonya’s ready for a new challenge: exercising to improve her core strength and making better food choices. Sonya’s goal is to now learn how to take care of herself.

1. Congratulations on reaching month three of I am Methodist Health. What has been your biggest hurdle to overcome?

My biggest hurdle to overcome has been logging what I eat.

2. What Methodist resources are you using to help you make these changes?

I am taking advantage of the Anytime Fitness gym and having a personal trainer, Kara. She helps motivate me and holds me accountable. I also meet with my health coach, Beth, once a week, and she has taught me so much about nutrition.

3. What progress have you made this month?

My pounds may be coming off slowly, but my clothes are fitting much better. Yea!

4. What advice do you give your co-workers to help motivate them to make healthy lifestyle changes?

A body in motion stays in motion. Just get up and walk around the block or dance in your living room! You will be happier and have more energy.

In February, my biggest sense of accomplishment has been my increase in knowledge about the things I eat, and I’m continuing to make healthy choices!