Angela Wrighten is Methodist Health: Key Learnings

By Angela Wrighten, RN

Angela is a staff nurse in Outpatient Chemotherapy at Methodist Richardson Medical Center. Over the last few years, Angela wasn’t the healthy person she used to be. She’s on the right path now. She has changed her eating and exercise habits and is enjoying her favorite activities again.

1. What’s the most important takeaway you’ve learned in this program that you’ll use to stay on track for the rest of your life?

The most important takeaways that I learned from this program are to set realistic goals for myself, work hard at achieving those goals, be patient, and never give up.

2.   Out with the old and in with the new. Give me three new healthy habits you’ve incorporated into your life.

Since the start of the program, I have made exercise part of my daily routine, I make healthier food choices, and I've reduced the stress in my life.

3.   Tell us at least three improvements you have accomplished in this program.

I have lost weight, toned muscles, and gained a healthy attitude.

4.   What are the advantages of having the support of a health coach and trainer? Why?

The most important advantage of having a health coach and trainer is accountability and encouragement. With Karen and Ginnie, I had my very own cheer team. I met with them weekly and received information on diet and exercise as well as encouragement to keep me on track.

5.   Hats off to you. Congratulations. Way to go! Now that you’ve completed this program, what’s your next goal to continue to improve your health?

I want to really focus on making better food choices, specifically types of foods and portions. I have joined an exercise program that keeps me motivated, and I am running again. My short-term goal is to complete a 5K within the next few weeks. My long-term goal is to maintain the healthy habits I have developed through the I Am Methodist Health program for the rest of my life.