Sarah Reynolds is Methodist Health: Key Learnings

By Sarah Reynolds, CMOM

Office manager, MedHealth

1. What’s the most important takeaway you’ve learned in this program that you’ll use to stay on track for the rest of your life?

The MOST important takeaway I've learned on this journey is that I am CAPABLE. Anything people set their minds to can be achieved. All it takes is the right motivation (in my case, my family) and the right help (Beth, Karen, and Carrie, as well as my director, colleagues, and doctors at my office)! I’ve gained a better understanding of what drove me to eat what I did. I’m able to give that knowledge to my family so that they have the tools at an earlier age than I did.

2. Out with the old and in with the new. Give me three new healthy habits you’ve incorporated into your life.

Only three?

  • Okay — I shop for groceries better and make healthier choices now than I did five months ago. I look for whole grains, fresh produce, leaner cuts of meat, more fish, and better snack alternatives.
  • I cook healthier. No more fried foods. I grill or roast meats or use a Crock-Pot. There are no longer two starches with every meal. I grab a piece of fruit if I want something sweet. Salty? Popcorn’s the answer.
  • I MOVE more! I enjoy working out. I love being outside with my family now. I am more motivated to move because I don't tire as easily as I did before.

My biggest motivator is my 7-year-old. When I told him about this program, I asked him to help me. He asked, “How?” I told him to make sure mom moves more. Now, every night he asks, “Are we going out to walk? Are we going to play? Are you going to walk on the treadmill? Are you going to dance?” If I say “no,” he says, “But you promised. We have to do something!”

3. Tell us at least three improvements you have accomplished in this program.

  • I have lost weight and inches and gained endurance. I have accomplished being an active participant with my family as opposed to a bystander.
  • I have more knowledge regarding my body than I did before. I feel like there are times when people’s bodies are trying to tell them something but they’re not able to understand what their body’s saying. I know certain foods or types of foods make me feel more sluggish. I know what gives me the most energy at what times during the day. I don’t turn to a soda or coffee for energy anymore. Without this program and my coaches, I don’t know that I would have been able to figure this out.
  • I am still improving and giving myself ME time. Finding ways to reduce stress without shorting anyone or anything was a challenge. But if I’m less stressed and more energized, I can give more to my family.

4. What are the advantages of having the support of a health coach and trainer? Why?

I think we all know that we need to be healthier and more active! But honestly, for someone who has cooked the same way for 20 years, made the same meals, and been pretty sedentary, I wondered HOW do I do that? Without Beth (my health coach), I would have been more overwhelmed with the dietary changes that were necessary to make the improvements I wanted.

The health coaches give us the tools such as what to cook, how to count calories, and how to exercise in a gym. Who knows HOW to do that? It’s very intimidating to go into a gym and figure out how something works. Having a trainer helped me stay motivated and taught me about my body, areas to work on, when to work on them, and how to safely use the weight machines.

Beth is also very supportive when you’re having a bad day or down about something. She reinforces what needs to be done, too. Knowing that I had her support when I went to a meeting helped me more than I can say.

5. Hats off to you. Congratulations. Way to go! Now that you’ve completed this program, what’s your next goal to continue to improve your health?

THANK YOU to the I Am Methodist Health team and coaches. This was an awesome experience! It’s a LIFE change, not just a three-month change. This has given me the chance to be a new and different person. My next goal to improve my health is to work on reducing stress in my life! :-)