Carol and Katie have made it to the finish line!





What can you do now that you couldn’t do three months ago?

“I now slow down and look at my choices. Avoiding impulse decisions helps me make healthier selections. Even though it seems I’m always in a hurry, I’m better at choosing options that are quick, but healthy.” “I am more aware of my strengths and limitations. I have learned more about myself, my habits, and the lifestyle changes I need to make to be successful in my weight loss journey.”

What is the most significant change that you have made in your eating habits?

“I think the most significant change is to slow down and eat less. Being more patient and watching my pace has been a big change for me.” “I guess the most significant change would be that I am learning how to be more aware of the choices I make. Whether it is to forego exercise and work something in later or decrease my calories throughout the day.”

What part of the I Am Methodist Health program has helped you the most?

“The wellness coach has been terrific. She is supportive, inspirational and always available to us.” “Probably the honest, open discussions with other participants and the health coach. Sharing information about what works and what doesn’t work as well as our own struggles is inspiring.”

What advice do you give your co-workers to help them make healthy lifestyle changes?

“My best advice is don’t eat on the run. Slow down, look at your choices, and practice portion control. Also, remember a little exercise goes a long way.” “The advice that I would give is be realistic. I went into the program thinking that I would see visible changes quickly and would not crave certain foods or have problems finding time for exercise. Realistically, the barriers were still there, I just needed to modify my schedule throughout the program to find what works for me and my family.”