Ema and Steve made it to the finish line!



What can you do now that you couldn’t do three months ago?

“I’ve learned to eat smaller portions and still feel satisfied. I can now run more than three miles at a time.” “I can plank for two minutes!”

What is the most significant change that you have made in your eating habits? 

“One of the biggest changes has been becoming more aware of portion control. I’ve also found that the more I work out, the healthier I eat because the unhealthy options don’t appeal to me in the same way anymore.” “Portion control is absolutely the biggest change in my eating habits. Combining smaller and healthier portions with eating slower has made a big difference.”

What part of the I Am Methodist Health program has helped you the most?

“The groups, coaching sessions, and training have kept me accountable and motivated.” “The coaching has been the biggest benefit for me, both the individual and group instruction. I was already working out regularly, but having a trainer to help me with weight training was a positive experience.”

What advice do you give your co-workers to help them make healthy lifestyle changes?

“Don’t put off doing something positive for yourself. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes. But once you start, you will notice how much better you feel.” “You need to be mentally prepared for a change in habits to be successful. The commitment — fueled by motivation — is essential. Without those two ingredients, there can’t be meaningful change.”