Glenda and Joei made it to the finish line!




What can you do now that you couldn’t do three months ago?

 “My clothes fit much better. I even had to buy smaller sizes. I can also work a whole shift without feeling dead tired.”   “I have less back pain. I am able to run around with my child without back problems.”

What is the most significant change that you have made in your eating habits?

“Really just being more aware of what I'm eating and tracking it through my fitness pal.”   “Counting the calories has helped and I stopped eating fast food. Also, I’ve started cooking a lot more.”

What part of the I Am Methodist Health program has helped you the most?

“The meetings and the one- on-one time with Michelle. Also, posting program pictures and having weekly weigh ins help keep me accountable.”   “The meetings. I get inspiration and motivation by knowing that I’m not alone in facing challenges.”

What advice do you give your co-workers to help them make healthy lifestyle changes?

“The work we do can be stressful and hectic. Don't ‘stress eat!’ Prepare healthy snacks and meals and stay hydrated through a long shift.”   “I work night shift and my co-workers are all watching what we eat, counting calories, and making sure we go to the gym. Building a support team around you is helpful.”