National Nurses Week: The Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit

by Karla Ramberger, DNP, RN
Chief Nursing Executive
Methodist Health System

Here’s an interesting question to consider … would Florence Nightingale recognize the profession of nursing as it exists today? The automation, the technology, and the greater degree of autonomy would probably amaze her; however, she would undoubtedly see the common thread that has carried through from the day she established nursing as a career — the innate desire to care for others. I suspect she would not be surprised to learn that nursing is among the most trusted and valued professions for its caring contributions.

As we celebrate National Nurses Week this year during May 6-12, we have the opportunity to honor, recognize, and thank nurses for the tremendous job they do. The first observance of National Nurses Week took place in 1954, exactly 100 years after Florence Nightingale sought to treat wounded soldiers during the Crimean War. Today, 163 years later, nurses are practicing in many different ways and in many different settings.

The theme for this year’s observance of National Nurses Week is “Nursing: The Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit.” Methodist Health System is supporting our nurses by providing resources to help them be continuous learners, healthy caregivers, and spiritually nourished individuals. Here are some of the ways Methodist honors our nurses.

  • Provide an opportunity for a nurse to shine as a mentor and preceptor. At Methodist, mentors and preceptors are highly valued for their experience and expertise.
  • Encourage professional development through our tuition reimbursement program.
  • Support nurses’ well-being through the Live Well, Shine Bright employee wellness program, including personal health coaching and prenatal care and support.
  • Celebrate through department and hospitalwide special events to celebrate and reward nurses for their services. Methodist has a long-standing tradition of holding monthly celebrations called GREAT Awards to help us recognize exceptional staff and encourage Giving Recognition for Excellence, Achievement, and Teamwork.

This year during National Nurses Week, I encourage you to personally thank a nurse you know or work with for their hard work and compassion. A handwritten thank-you note, a rarity in today’s electronic communication world, also speaks volumes about how grateful you are and how much you appreciate our nurses.

If you’re ready to join an organization that continually looks for ways to appreciate and thank its nurses, then it’s time to choose Methodist Health System, where careers shine bright. Learn more by visiting

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