Methodist Mansfield Medical Center Achieves Magnet® Recognition

Nora Frasier, MBA, BSN, RN, FACHE, NEA-BC

by Nora Frasier, MBA, BSN, RN, FACHE, NEA-BC
Vice President of Nursing and Chief Nursing Officer
Methodist Mansfield Medical Center

It’s an exciting time here at Methodist Health System. Just a few months ago on May 17, 2017, Methodist Richardson Medical Center became the first Methodist hospital to achieve Magnet® designation for excellence in nursing from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Then on July 20, we received the call that Methodist Mansfield Medical Center had also achieved the prestigious Magnet designation that only 8 percent of hospitals in the United States have earned.

Weeks later, we are still on cloud nine. We’ve known all along that we are a Magnet-level facility. Our culture exudes it, and we were very confident when we submitted our application. After all, we have a great story to tell. We didn’t actually feel that confirmation until I was notified by the Magnet program office that the chair of the Magnet commission wanted to schedule a call. When she encouraged me to invite leadership and all of our employees to be there with me, I knew this was the moment we had all been waiting for.

Many of our friends were with us for the announcement, making it even more special. We had confetti, balloons, and Magnet cupcakes. The room was buzzing with energy and heightened anticipation. From tears and goose bumps of amazement to whooping calls of joy, there were so many emotions. And the day flew by.

We have always felt Methodist Mansfield is a special place to work, but this journey was about more than just meeting the eligibility criteria. We knew our staff needed to be recognized for the great work they do every day. They make the story. We just put it on paper and scribed it. Laura Sweatt, RN, RN-BC, our Magnet program director, spent countless hours gathering stories and capturing them in our Magnet document. For us, Magnet designation is not about changing what we do, it’s about showing who we are.

This designation is validation of who we are as a hospital and as a nursing organization. It’s proof that we really do have the best nursing and support teams to deliver the highest quality of care at the patient’s bedside. To get that validation from such a prestigious organization means the world to us. When we became caregivers, this is what we came to do. And the fact that our nurses have achieved it is even more wonderful.

Our Magnet journey started at the top. With a vision from the Methodist board of directors, I feel very blessed that our leadership’s strategic plan includes the objective that every facility become a Magnet-designated hospital. That just compels us to live up to the highest of standards. Without that vision and support, our dreams wouldn’t have become a reality. The senior leaders of the health system and my hospital president value the contributions of nurses and have been our biggest supporters and cheerleaders. 

What have I learned in this process? It truly takes a village. Even though Magnet designation comes from a nursing organization, it takes every single person — not only nurses but the people in the supply chain, lab, pharmacy, maintenance, and everyone throughout the hospital. Every single person is a critical player on the team. We can’t understate the value and importance of the entire team to help make it happen.

The next step is to raise the bar even higher. Our goal is to reach out to our sister organizations — Methodist Dallas and Methodist Charlton Medical Centers — and support them in achieving their Magnet designations. When we submitted our application, we told the Methodist Mansfield story from the previous four years. And four years from now, we’ll do it all over again. The clock starts ticking now.

This also raises the bar in terms of expectations of our staff. Having Magnet designation means we have the highest standards to live up to. Our nursing staff gives 100 percent every day and practices at the top of their game. The structures and processes are in place for them to do the very best job they possibly can. Our nurses will continue to have a voice and will be charged with influencing positive change and innovation to improve our processes and clinical outcomes and to advance the profession of nursing. We’re listening.

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