Mayo Clinic Care Network: What’s in it for Physicians?

Julie Amstutz, MSHA, MBA

Julie Amstutz, MSHA, MBA
Senior Project Leader, Project Deployment Office
Methodist Health System

Four years ago, Methodist Health System decided to collaborate with one of the leading names in medicine, Mayo Clinic, by becoming the first Texas healthcare organization to join the Mayo Clinic Care Network. Comprised of more than 40 like-minded member organizations that represent facilities in the United States, Mexico, China, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore, the network is a unique collaboration that grants physicians on the medical staff at Methodist special access to Mayo Clinic knowledge, expertise, and resources. Patients benefit by being able to access world-leading medical expertise through their trusted physicians on our medical staff, close to home.

Why did we make this choice? It may seem obvious, but Methodist’s goal was and still is to differentiate ourselves in quality care. The hallmark of Mayo Clinic is teamwork. It’s been that way since the first Mayo Clinic physicians began working together in the late 1800s. For 150 years, Mayo Clinic’s approach to healthcare has been rooted in the idea that the best patient care is achieved when experts from a variety of medical specialties can work together, focused on the patient. Working with Mayo Clinic is still a good fit today.

A wealth of free resources at our physicians’ fingertips

Available for any credentialed provider at Methodist, network resources include:

Physician practice/patient care

  • AskMayoExpert – a unique resource that provides Mayo Clinic–vetted medical knowledge and expert contact information for use at the point of care through medical treatment guidelines, protocols, clinical pathways, patient education materials, and clinical trial information.
  • eConsults – Mayo Clinic specialists answer Methodist physician’s focused questions about diagnosis, therapy, and management after reviewing the patient’s electronic medical record, imaging studies, and laboratory tests.
  • eTumor Boards – Methodist physicians can participate in these informal multidisciplinary discussions among Mayo Clinic specialists and seek advice for complex cancer cases, including lung tumor board, breast tumor board, colorectal tumor board, and more.

  • Inpatient Telephone Consults – an Inpatient Telephone Consult is an informal telephone conversation, provider to provider, regarding the treatment of a hospitalized patient that requires semi-urgent to urgent intervention. There is no additional cost to the patient.

Physician certification and education

  • Mayo Clinic Ground Rounds – speakers from Mayo Clinic are recorded and archived for clinical staff access in the specialties of cardiology, neurology, internal medicine, and gastroenterology. CME credits are available for medical staff members.

  • Continuing education.

Healthcare Consulting

  • Promotes information sharing by accessing Mayo Clinic expertise in clinical and strategic initiative topics and processes. Examples include annual summits on quality improvement or helping Methodist restructure our nursing program or evaluate our blood utilization program. The tool used for information sharing includes member collaboratives which help to identify opportunities, develop focused interventions, and deploy improvements

What are physicians saying about our Mayo Clinic resources?

“The biggest value is that through the network, we can access second opinions for patients who have complex medical problems. What’s more, this saves patients from traveling to other medical centers — and at no cost to them. ”

Anthony F. Boyer, MD, pulmonary and critical care medicine, Methodist Richardson Medical Center

“Mayo Clinic’s MOC IV credit was an added bonus for physicians at Methodist by giving credit for doing the project work that impacts patient care delivery. This not only provided us with board-certified credit and points within the accountable care organization, but it also provided validation that the projects we are working on for our patients have met the highest standard of performance improvement.” 

Bradley R. Pirtle, DO, department of medicine chair, Methodist Dallas Medical Center

“We started this journey of focusing on Methodist Richardson Medical Center emergency medicine, Methodist Charlton Family Medicine Center, and Methodist Medical Group practices by hosting a physician wellness symposium with Mayo Clinic speakers. It was the most physician-attended session in the history of symposiums at Methodist.”

Sam Cullison, MD, vice president, Graduate Medical Education, Methodist

A bright future

The past four years with the network have proven to be spectacularly beneficial for Methodist physicians and their patients. In fact, I regularly hear from physicians about the value they gain from Methodist’s decision to invest in them through our relationship with the network. Today, many physicians bring their patients to Methodist for e-consultations with Mayo Clinic specialists. In addition, Methodist has gained much by sharing knowledge and challenges with fellow network member organizations. As medicine continues to evolve, so will our relationship with Mayo Clinic, adding even more value for the physicians who care for patients within Methodist.

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