I Definitely Have Found My Home: Meet Adrienne Graves

Adrienne Graves
Adrienne Graves IMC RN

Adrienne Graves, RN
Methodist Richardson Medical Center 


I’ve always been a nurse, but I haven’t always been with Methodist Health System. How I came to be here is kind of interesting.

I came to Methodist Richardson Medical Center when my father was hospitalized here. He had surgery and there were complications, so he ended up having to stay for a long time. Whenever I visited him, I observed the staff to see how well they took care of him. (I didn’t tell them I was a nurse.) What I saw really impressed me. They were so caring and attentive; it made me want to pursue a career here.

Why I love being an intermediate care (IMC) RN.

I love working at Methodist Richardson, and I love being an IMC nurse. I like being able to talk with the patients. Once, I thought I might like to work in the intensive care unit, but engaging with patients is rewarding to me. I’m in a critical setting in the IMC unit so I get to use my critical-thinking skills, and I’m also able to interact with the patients and their families. I get to learn their stories.

This is the best part of my job.

It’s the people I work with — my manager and my whole crew! That’s why I’m so glad I found Methodist Richardson. The manager’s door is always open. Everybody’s passing out hugs. It’s like a family.

Plus, the hospital is beautiful. In November, we’re expanding to add two brand-new floors with another IMC unit. So whether I end up working there or stay on my floor, I know I’ll enjoy my team.

What makes or breaks a job.

The culture at work makes such a difference. Nursing is challenging enough. If you feel like you’re on your own, that’s not good. But here at Methodist Richardson, everyone’s willing to help. Any time you have a question, someone’s always available. Even if they’re not there, you can always call or text them. Everybody looks after you. That’s what I love the most. I really, really enjoy the atmosphere.

What has stayed with me.

The biggest thing that’s happened since I’ve been here is that I won the Employee of the Month in April — and I had only been here a few months! The way everyone was so nice and the things they said about me — it really touched my heart. I realized they have completely invited me into the family.

My advice to you if you’re thinking about working here is this: Just come. It’s a great hospital with great people. I know I’ve definitely found my home. Come on, and join the family.

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