“I can’t imagine going anywhere else.”

Jennifer Allen
Jennifer Allen, BSN, RN ICU Nurse Manager, Methodist Charlton Medical Center

By Jennifer Allen, BSN, RN

ICU Nurse Manager

Methodist Charlton Medical Center


I’ve been in nursing 10 years. I started my career with a medical-surgical residency at another hospital (we were living in Arlington at the time). Then I moved into the orthopedic-neurology unit and later the total joint unit, where I got my orthopedic nursing certification. About that time, a high school in Oklahoma recruited my husband to coach the football team, so we moved back to Oklahoma, where I’m from. Well, that didn’t last very long because, let’s face it, once you’ve been spoiled by Texas football, there’s just no comparison. So we moved back here.

Back in Texas we settled in Duncanville, and I looked for a nursing position nearby. That’s how I came to Methodist Charlton Medical Center. It’s only the third place where I’ve worked in my nursing career, but now that I’m here, I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Honestly, I’ve enjoyed all the places where I’ve worked, but there’s something really special about this place. It’s just a treasure.

Nurse management, here I come

At Methodist Charlton, I started as a staff nurse in the intensive care unit. Within a couple of years, I was promoted to nursing clinical coordinator. Then not long after that, I was promoted to nurse manager. Now there are 100 people who report directly to me. I manage the ins and outs of day-to-day operations, I oversee initiatives, and I engage with nurses every day. This is the best part of the job. I love to encourage, empower, and see nurses grow.

Busy but blessed, too

On a typical day, I’ll do nurse leader rounds and visit with patients and families. Twice a week I check up on our nurse residents. Then, in addition to other administrative tasks, like patient experience meetings and new staff interviews, I act as one of two hospital representatives for our electronic records system, and I help optimize that system.

Because Fran is a nurse herself, she really sets the tone for our nurse-friendly environment. She has a lot of nurse compassion. And she truly understands the hospital from a nurse’s perspective. She knows the value of nurses, and we can tell.

When I was a bedside nurse, I remember seeing her walking around and passing out water bottles. It was clear that she felt very empathetic toward her nurses. Thinking back, I couldn’t begin to tell you who the presidents were at any of the hospitals where I worked before coming here. But I sure do know Fran, and I know she really cares.

We’re a hidden gem

If you haven’t been to Methodist Charlton, you have no idea what a special place this is. Our culture is simply amazing. I can’t say enough about what it’s like to be part of this family. Just walk down the hall any day of the week, and you’re going to see a smile. I feel like I’m surrounded by precious pearls. Once you come here, you never want to leave. That’s what I would tell anyone who’s considering a career here.

It's also nice to work in a hospital where the community recognizes both the quality of our care and the positive atmosphere we have. I’ve heard so many patients tell us that they received the best care of their life here. Our reputation in the community is growing stronger all the time.

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