Methodist Health System among First in Nation to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

Dallas – Methodist Health System today announced it has received its first shipment of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. “We are excited to be among the first in the state of Texas and nation to receive and administer this vital vaccine,” says James Scoggin, Jr., Methodist Health System Chief Executive Officer.

With this initial shipment Methodist will begin immediately administering the first of two required doses to more than 5,000 frontline staff following federal and state guidelines.

“The first group to receive the vaccine works directly with patients diagnosed with COVID-19 or at high risk for COVID-19,” says Martin L. Koonsman, MD, FACS, CPE, Chief Medical Officer. “That includes not only physicians and nurses, but also ancillary staff and technicians, food and environmental services workers, and others who care for patients with COVID-19.”

Also among the first groups to receive the Pfizer vaccine are those stationed in Emergency Departments, where potential COVID-19 patients often arrive, and Critical Care Units, where patients at high risk for the virus are often treated.

“Methodist Health System has been preparing for weeks to be in a position to receive and administer this vaccine as soon as possible,” says Jon Albrecht, RPh, MHA, BCNSP, FASHP, Vice President, Chief Pharmacy Officer. “That includes ensuring we have an ultra-cold, negative 70 degree freezer to safely store and protect at least 10,000 doses at a time, as well as a tiered plan to meet federal and state guidelines for vaccinating our employees as well as medical staff.”

The initial shipment Methodist received is strictly designated by the State to be used only for Methodist employees and medical staff in accordance with federal and state guidelines. “Vaccinating our employees, especially those in high exposure areas, will allow us to better care for the public, by ensuring those critically needed caregivers remain available to continue to provide the care needed for the patients who come to our facilities,” says Pamela Stoyanoff, CPA, FACHE, President and Chief Operating Officer. “We want the communities we serve to have confidence that when they come to us for care, they will be safe. This vaccine will further enhance that confidence and begin to beat this virus once and for all.”

Methodist will release video and interviews with frontline staff today.

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