Fourth of July

by Angela Vincent Michael, LSSGB, CPHQ®, CIC®
Manager, Improvement Academy and Mayo Clinic Care Network
Methodist Health System

Every year as it draws near
America’s Independence Day
We call it her birthday
And plan a party to celebrate.

Friends and neighbors gather
Backyard bashes and pool parties
Flag a-flying, kids squealing
We build summer memories together.

Yet, for many others
It is a quiet reflection
A moment to recognize
All that was won and lost.

Many years ago, brothers turned foes
As lines in the sand were drawn
Finally a victory
Blurring the lines in the sand.

We celebrate freedom on the Fourth
For one and all
In this mighty nation
Who wraps her arms around us all.

Red, white, and blue
Aren’t just the colors on the flag
Fourth of July
Isn’t just a summer party date.

Many across this country
Gave their lives and service
To protect and fight for all
Believing each life is worthy.

On that day, every voice lifts
In prayer and in gratitude
When they honor this land
For life, freedom, or refuge.

Regardless of your gender
Regardless of your race
Regardless of your religion
Regardless of your origin,

She embraces you
She comforts you
She welcomes you
She celebrates you.

This land isn’t without her blemishes
From battles and ideologies
Yet the promise of the future
Shines brighter here than anywhere else.

As we celebrate her on this Fourth of July
We will stand together, proud and cherished
United in this moment watching the night sky
Shout her glory in red, white, and blue!

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