Highlights from a nurse resident: A chat with Jonathan Eng

Employee Profile: Jonathan Eng, MSN, RN Neuro Critical Care Unit, Methodist Dallas Medical Center


Meet Jonathan Eng, a nurse resident at Methodist Dallas Medical Center. He has plenty to say about the nurse residency program, and we thought you’d enjoy his assessment.

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Methodist Health System: Jonathan, did you choose a nursing specialty for your residency? What have you been learning?

Jonathan: Yes! I’m working in the neuro critical care unit. If I wrote down everything I’ve learned, I could write a book! Working in the NCCU has taught me how to think and act critically in high-pressure environments. 

Methodist: What made you choose Methodist?

Jonathan: Methodist Dallas was the only facility to offer in-person interactions. I attended a Methodist job fair and met my neuro critical care team. They showed personal interest in me and were very receptive to my questions. The experience overall was very positive.

Methodist: How important is it to be part of a certified residency program?

Jonathan: It’s very important to me! Methodist Dallas has both a Magnet® designation and a PTAP [Practice Transition Accreditation Program®] accreditation with distinction from the ANCC [American Nurses Credentialing Center], two major qualities I looked at while applying for residency. These recognitions vouch for an organization’s nursing excellence and show that the program is nationally recognized and regulated.

Methodist: What has surprised you most about your residency?

Jonathan: Methodist Dallas’ program prepares new graduates for success. It’s filled with didactics, simulations, and professional development courses. These learning opportunities help overcome the steep learning curve that new nurses often face. 

Methodist: What’s the best thing about the knowledge you’ve gained?

Jonathan: The ability to apply my knowledge to provide my patients with the best nursing care. At the end of every shift, I know that I was able to make a difference for someone.

Methodist: What will you do after your residency?

Jonathan: I’m a lifelong learner. I plan to sit for the CCRN, SCRN, and CNRN examinations. I believe that increasing my competencies as a nurse enables me to be a better caregiver. In a few years, I plan to pursue my DNP [Doctor of Nursing Practice] in neuroscience or nursing leadership. 

Methodist: What advice would you give to a graduate considering a residency?

Jonathan: Find a workplace that empowers your growth. I didn’t realize how important a healthy working environment was until I started my career. Originally, my aim was to be at a Level I Trauma Center caring for high-acuity populations because I enjoyed the rush. In retrospect, none of that matters if you don’t enjoy coming to work. Do your research, ask questions, and look at the work environment. I was fortunate to land in a unit that was known for its potluck meals and team culture. Shout out to neuro critical care! 

The culture at Methodist is very empowering. If you’d like to implement an idea, our leadership team is very open. I encourage residents to get involved and make the experience their own.

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