Spotlight on an Administrative Angel: A chat with Enola Gay Dawson

Enola Gay Dawson; Administrative Assistant – Finance; Methodist Health System

After three decades at Methodist Health System, Enola Gay Dawson is a godsend as an administrative assistant in finance. She’s developed great accounting skills and a wealth of knowledge. Colleagues say that if you need some information, talk to Enola. She knows it all! But she’s also compassionate and optimistic. You’ll never see her in a bad mood! Her approach to her job is to “do all your work in love.” Sure, some days are challenging, but you know what Enola says? “We’re going to be OK.” We’re absolutely OK with that!

Years at Methodist Health System: 30

Why did you choose this profession? I wanted to keep sharpening my accounting skills and gain computer expertise so I could help my team.

What is your work philosophy? I want to make a difference. I’m learning how important it is to walk in grace, kindness, and peace. You’ll never know how much joy it brings you until it’s shared.

What’s one of your favorite work memories? Some of my co-workers and I did a project for Hearts & Hammers. We helped paint and repair an elderly lady’s home. It was so rewarding!

What’s your advice for newer employees? Keep an open mind when you’re in training. And do all your work in love.

What do you like to do when you’re not working? Art, fishing, and getting together with family.

Why co-workers love working with Enola: She’s compassionate, benevolent, and optimistic. She builds up her team members. She inspires others to stay positive in the face of challenges. She’ll be the first to say, “We’re going to be OK.” You’ll never see her in a bad mood.


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